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Acme prides service and repair of all brands of motorcycles,  We offer oil changes while you wait and discount tires while you wait.  Why not check us out?

DISCOUNTED Tires While You Wait

That's right, ALL brands of tires are discounted and Acme installs them while you wait.  We have added many new customers with this popular program and we are looking forward to offering you all of the benefits of our service.   Acme Cycle Chicago's Tire Program rivals the online retailers and we source them direct from the nation's largest suppliers.  


Acme Cycle Chicago has partnered with Dunlop, a top tier tire manufacturer proudly manufacturing many of their motorcycle tires in the USA.  As a Dunlop Pro Dealer we can offer you deep discounts off retail pricing, awesome seasonal Dunlop rebate programs and Acme's expert installation.    

You should really consider taking a closer look at the Dunlop catalog.  Their new Roadsmart III leads the sport touring category and the budget priced Sportmax GPR-300 now comes in 180/55-17 and 190 /50-17 for full size sportbikes.  Harley riders can get made in the USA Harley Davidson branded tires  designed specifically  for their ride.

sample PRICING AS OF 4/1/2019

Here are some recent installs to give you an idea on pricing:

A recent GSXR600 with new Dunlop Sportmax GPR300 120/60-17 and 180/55ZR-17 was under $365 out the door.

Yamaha R6 with Dunlop Sportmax Qualifier Q3+ 120/70-17 and 180/55-17 for under $500 out the door. Plus a Dunlop mail in rebate for $60 more savings!

We did a Yamaha V Star with Dunlop D404 130/90-16 and 170/80-15 for under $400 out the door.

Harley Sportster wide whitewalls Dunlop D401 100/90-19 and 150/80B16 for under $525 out the door. Plus a Dunlop mail in rebate for $60 more savings!

Harley Touring wide whitewalls Dunlop D402 MT90B16 and MU85b16 for under $625 out the door. Plus a Dunlop mail in rebate for $60 more savings!

The rebate is good for tires installed by 4/30/2019. You can get a $30 Dunlop mail in rebate if you do only 1 tire.

Current rebate is $60 direct from Dunlop for installation of 2 of their tires is valid until 4/30/19. The rebate applies only to American Elite, Elite 4, Sportmax Q3+, Sportmax Q4, Roadsmart 3, Trailsmart, D401 and D402.


Our huge catalog of the major tire brands are sold at deep discounts.


We like proven new technology.  Your tires will be dynamically balanced using Ride-On TPS balancing/sealing fluid instead of wheel weights.  If you haven't heard of Ride-On, please check the video below.   


Please click Get A Quote to get the process rolling.  First, we'll respond with your tire quote.  Then, If you like the deal click the link to make a $75 deposit for your tires.  Your Order Confirmation will have a link to schedule your appointment.   

Services included:  we remove the wheel and tire, inspect the rim and valve stem, install the new tire, Ride On TPS balancing/sealing fluid, inflate and reinstall the wheel on your bike.

To get a quote on your tires:  

Tires - Click "Tires While You Wait Get a Free Quote" and you will pleasantly surprised at your deeply discounted tire quote. C'mon now, go ahead and click the red button.  Customers are doing it everyday and the process really works.  

*modest upcharges for things that take us more time like:  saddlebag removal, muffler removal, fender removal, frozen bolts, etc.


I have tubeless tires on the bike now, does that mean I don’t need tubes? Great question and we hear this a lot. Most tire sold today have “tubeless” cast into the tire’s sidewall. They can be used on bikes with or without tubes. So, how do you know?


Wire Spoke Wheel

This wheel needs to have an inner tube installed with the tire. It can be used with both tubeless tires and tube type tires. Today they almost always have tubeless tires with an inner tube.

Rare exceptions are wheels that have has a special tape applied to convert them to tubeless or BMW wheels where the spokes are at the edge of the rim.


Modern cast wheel

If your wheel is cast, it uses tubeless tires and does not use inner tubes. All modern cast wheels are like this.

Rare exceptions are cast wheels from the 1970s. The motorcycle industry wanted to move to this type of wheel before the tire industry could supply tubeless tires. That’s why these rare wheels require a tube.

How do I read tire sizes? You need to look on the sidewall of the tire for a string of numbers. Newer bikes should look something like this 120/70-17. Older bikes may be like 3.25 x 18. Harleys can be MT90B16. If you aren’t sure, contact the shop and we will help.

Can’t the shop just look up the tire sizes for me? It’s best if you tell us, then we’re sure about the sizes. Some bike models come with more than 1 wheel option and other bikes may have had a wheel changed to another size.

What is the difference between Premium, Standard or Economy tires? We discount all of the tires we sell. A premium tire is the top tire for your bike. Standard tires are OEM equivalent replacement (usually the best price/performance option) and economy is the least expensive we offer.

Can I order just one tire? Absolutely.

How long does it take to get the tire? We order tires at noon every weekday, and get them next day. Friday orders are received on Monday.

How do I make an appointment? Once you accept the email tire quote, there is link to leave a deposit. There is also a link to the Acme While You Wait calendar, where you pick your installation time.

What is Ride-On TPS? This stuff is great.  It's used world wide by big business, military and government fleets because it works.  Ride-On TPS is a thick fluid the continually balances your wheels and protects your new tires from flats dues to punctures.   The fluid does not make a mess of the inside of your tire.  Take a look at this video to see why.


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