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Acme prides service and repair of all brands of motorcycles,  We offer oil changes while you wait and discount tires while you wait.  Why not check us out?


What is your labor rate?  We charge $95 per hour for standard shop service (leave your bike with us) or $135 for scheduled service while you wait.

What is the $4.95 shop fee for?  It's added to all repair orders to cover the cost of chemicals, rags and cleanup items.

I need my bike fixed ASAP, do you offer an expedited service?  Yes we do.  For next bike on the lift service, we charge $135 per hour.

How much for a tune up on my bike?  Honestly, we're not trying to be difficult, but it's hard to say.  Most of the time it's one or two things that are holding the bike back from performing well.  A full tune up may end up being more than you need.  

Why is old brown fluid bad for my brakes?  At the minimum, old fluid will have dirt in it.  The dirt gets under the caliper's O-ring and prevents the brake piston from pulling away from the rotor.  This is why your brakes drag, causing brake fade and premature pad wear.  

My bike needs a stator.  How much to install?  We are asked this a lot and suspect that this question is brought on by the internet forums.  We know that stators don't fail that often and prefer to have your bike in for a diagnostic evaluation.   We can fix your problem and avoid unnecessary parts on your bill.

You guys always look hungry, can I pay my bill entirely with donuts?  Maybe.

What is the warranty for repairs?  We offer 30 days or 1000 miles for our repair work.   The sooner you contact us with a problem the better.  If there is a defect with a manufacturer's product supplied by us, we will take care of it for you.

Why do you want to know my budget?  This isn't a trick, we want to see if your repairs are possible with the amount you want to spend.  It may be helpful to break a big project into stages, each with an individual budget.    There are times the repair bill can exceed the value of the bike and we want to avoid that.

What is your storage policy and why do you have one?  Our shop is small and we must push to make space for new arrivals.  We will notify you when the bike is on the lift, so you can prepare for pickup.  Our storage policy is the day of notification, plus 3 days free.  Storage is charged at $12 per day, including days the shop is closed.

I had my bike repaired at Acme 2 months ago and it doesn't run, do you pay for return towing?  Sorry, we don't reimburse for towing under those circumstances.  The bike was working when it left and we don't have control over what went on with the bike while in your possesion.  If the bike failed on the way back home (or shortly thereafter), we would cover the cost of towing.

My bike needs to be lit up with LEDs, what do you charge?  We charge $95 an hour and some customers have had sticker shock.  We suggest you try one of the back alley guys who do this stuff every day.  

A mechanic told me what is wrong with my bike, I purchased the parts and want you to install them.    If the bike is running, we will need to diagnose the problem and recommend a solution.  It may be your friend is right, but we need to check it out for ourselves.   If it's not running, we're going to have to have a talk.

Do you paint bikes?  We don't have a paint shop, but we work with painters and can remove and reinstall the painted parts.

Do you fabricate parts?  We do offer fabrication, provided it is a safe and reasonable repair for your bike. 

Do you do insurance work?  Currently, the answer is only on a case by case basis.  Insurance jobs end up sitting in the shop for months while the customer and insurer decide what to do.  Communication between the shop and the insurance company can be difficult.  Payment takes longer than you would think.  We are looking at what we can do to make this process work.  

In the event you can't source a part from one of your suppliers, would you source a used part?  Yes we can.  Used parts  + shipping are marked up 10% to cover our time.

Do you install swingarm kits?  Sorry, we can't help you with that.  Our insurance policy forbids it.

My Vespa needs a full restoration, what does that cost?  We believe that the cost is prohibitive, but we can certainly help freshen up you scooter with a full mechanical.  We can also do motor rebuilds.

Somebody told me that Acme Cycle is in the smile business, is that true?  I'll bet that's your unicorn in the parking lot.

Do you line/coat/seal gas tanks?  Yes, we can seal a tank that has not been sealed before and does not have significant interior rust damage.  For a tank interior in good condition the labor rate is 2 hours, plus the cost of the sealer.  Not all tanks are worth fixing.  If you do a have a tank get the sealing done before you have it painted.

Do you repair/replace spoke wheels?  We offer truing, replacing broken spokes and wheel building.    We have partnered with Buchanan's wheel.

Do you service Chinese scooters?  We can probably help you, but we will need some details from you and maybe a picture.  There are 2 things to consider:  are there parts available and would the cost of repairs exceed the value of your scooter.    The last thing we want is a $500 bill on a $200 scooter and a customer who disappeared.  Which means we may need a deposit before we accept the work. 

Why can't I test ride my bike before I pay?  The main reason is the insurance company.  If you test rode before you paid, Acme's insurance would be the primary policy responsible for damages in the event of a claim.   Once you pay your bill, the responsibility for claims shifts to your insurance policy. 

Do you service electric scooters?  Sorry, we need a gas motor.

Do you service bicycles with a gas motor?  Sorry, we don't have any parts suppliers lined up  for that kind of experience. 


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