ACME Cycle Chicago

Acme prides service and repair of all brands of motorcycles,  We offer oil changes while you wait and discount tires while you wait.  Why not check us out?

The Honda Goldwing is the ubiquitous touring motorcycle. It started life with a flat four engine which evolved into a 1500cc flat six known for its silky smooth power delivery. The motor was later used  in the GL1500 Valkyrie cruiser.  Both Goldwing and Valkyrie current models have 1800cc flat six engines. Because of the size and complexity of these models, many repair shops will not work on the Goldwing or Valkyrie.  We will!

From tires and brakes to cleaning carburetors to scheduled maintenance items we want to work on your GL1200 or GL1500 Goldwing and Valkyrie! 

Whether you are having rideability issues or you need major mechanical work, we'll get it done for you.

 Email us or visit our contact page and let's do this.




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